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Meet #BLueOceanGoals - BLOGs 2020

The Digital Economy Checkpoint kicks off a think tank to foster environment-friendly thinking across today's industries: our "BLue Ocean Goals" or DEC BLOGS.

Join a pioneering community expressing thought leadership in the field of corporate responsibility as the digital revolution transforms our society.

Blue Ocean Goal – 1

Green manufacturing
and circular economy

Help rewrite your industry's paradigms in an eco-friendly manner. New materials and processes support the smooth transition to more environment-friendly manufacturing.

DEC BLOG at Productronica 2019:
Munich, Germany 12-15 November

Call for Papers expires 30 November 2019

Blue Ocean Goal – 2

Cleaning up the seas
and recycling plastics

Help our society retrieve waste from our planet's waters and shores, address environmental disasters and protect endangered species after decades of reckless waste management.

DEC BLOG at Trustech 2019:
Cannes, France 26-27 November

Call for Papers expires 13 December 2019

Blue Ocean Goal – 3

Innovating with ICT
to save energy

Help today's economy embrace more sustainable solutions by adopting state-of-the-art technologies, such as eco-friendly building automation systems and artificial intelligence.

DEC BLOG at CES 2020:
Las Vegas, USA 7-8 January

Call for Papers expires 31 January 2020

'AI Talent Hackathon 2020' in February


#BLueOceanGoals - DEC BLOGS


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