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"What can technologies, policy makers, innovators and pioneering thinkers do to protect our planet?"
"How can we achieve Digital Transformation while supporting sustainable development?

Welcome to a new open initiative driving change for the sake of a more sustainable digital economy.

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Thought leaders from around the world are striving to engage the stakeholders of today's digital economy in an open dialogue, acting as advocates and challengers of digital transformation for the sake of environment-responsible, sustainable development.

The BLue Ocean Goals of the Digital Economy Checkpoint (DEC BLOG) is an open media initiative for technology experts, industry leaders and policy makers world-wide. Respond to our Call for Papers and help us identify and promote best practices.

BLOG  2019
The BLue Ocean Goals of the Year

This year's BLOGs (BLue Ocean Goals 2019) are a DEC Summit initiative.

Blue Ocean Goal – 1
Green manufacturing and circular economy

Call for papers

Blue Ocean Goal – 2
Cleaning up the seas and recycling plastics

Call for papers

Blue Ocean Goal – 3
Innovating with ICT to save energy

Call for papers

DEC (#DECSummit): a multi-channel, cross-sector platform

DEC is a uniquely influential, independent thought-leadership symposium created as a Checkpoint, Community and Congress for the Digital Economy by a forward-thinking community to anticipate, assess and address trends in the Digital Economy.

DEC looks at the fast-approaching and far-reaching consequences of technology-driven innovation in all key sectors, to promote digital transformation for peace, progress and sustainable development. In 2019, DEC launches the BLue Ocean Goals.

DEC encourages multi-disciplinary discussions with key initiatives feeding into a comprehensive think tank via its open platform. Join DEC to learn from world-class experts and inspire an active international community and open media initiatives!

DEC: take a walk on the bright side of Digital Transformation