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BLue Ocean Goal 3

Innovating with ICT to save energy

"In the era of AI, put information and communication technologies to work for the future of the planet."


DEC Summit call to action:
ICT can be a game changer in Energy Efficiency Management and can have a transformational role in achieving a sustainable and energy efficient future throughout all industrial, business and household sectors.

Did you know that
Cities and buildings account for over 70 % of global greenhouse gas emissions and that the building sector is the largest single energy consumer in Europe, absorbing 40% of final energy?

Connected lighting controls can be added to LED installations to achieve energy savings of up to 47%?
Data centers forecast to surpass airlines in terms of CO2 emissions by 2020 due to energy consumed, while ICTs contribute to around 2 to 2.5 per cent of GHG emissions, 75% of which are energy inefficient
Economic and population growth are increasing demand for energy?

Join the discussion and submit papers on how to:
Install smart connected lighting in large industrial and multi-buildings facilities, as well as hotels and leisure centers.
Help scale back on the amount of water or energy through smart home systems, including lighting, home automation and smart thermostats.
– Harness the energy efficiency of ICTs so they assist in reducing emissions from other sectors of the economy.
Build future data centers, or upgrade existing ones, according to an environmentally responsible criteria.

BLue Ocean Goal 3
DEC BLOG 3 – Call for Papers expires 31 January 2020

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CES 2020: Las Vegas, US – 7 and 8 January
"Innovating with ICT to save energy"

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